Vehicle Wraps and Vehicle Graphics

By applying large panels of printed or plain coloured vinyl to your vehicle we create a complete, eye catching design, which effectively “wraps” it, hence the term vehicle wrap.

The process allows you to use full colour photographs and high impact images to produce a design that is appropriate for your business or promotion, capturing the attention of potential customers and making an immediate and lasting impression.

The days of simple lettering and logos on your vehicle are fast disappearing, now you can include product shots, imagery, brochure covers and full colour logos that help to promote your services and products 24 hours a day.

The wrap protects the vehicle’s paintwork against stone chips and minor scratches, which means that when the time to sell or return to the dealers arrives, the paintwork is in pristine condition underneath with no dulling or fading.

The application process is not something to be taken lightly, and also can’t be rushed. Far to many people try to cut corners on materials and application conditions which results in a bad finish and failure of the materials.