A small donation. Auschwitz needs £120million restoration

Oct 27

After visiting Auschwitz last year Barry, a member of Hanman SPLIT’s engineering team decided to help out and we were happy to help.

Auschwitz needs £120 million if it is to preserved as a haunting yet necessary memorial to the inhumane horrors inflicted on its prisoners.

Hanman SPLiT donated a number of signs to the Auschwitz Museum.

Read the full story on the BBC and Daily Mirror web site.

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Custom Flag Poles and Banners

Oct 6

As part of Gloucester regeneration planning and improvement to public areas a set of historic and informative banners we were commissioned to communicate Gloucester’s wide range of achievements and past events. These banners are set here to designed flag poles to give a visual impacted across the open square.

Project Delivery:

  • Design, fabrication and paint finish of custom flag poles
  • Printing of flag banners
  • Installation of flag poles and banners

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