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Feb 28

We have been slow in updating our website for a while.

But you can expect some updates shortly.

Please check back soon!

Feel free to give us any feedback.

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Trailwalker 2011

Jun 17

Hanman SPLiT Ltd are proud to be sponsoring Team Inactive (which have become somewhat more active since taking on this challenge) in this years Trailwalker 2011.

Trailwalker is one of the world’s toughest charity events – four people, one goal, 100 kilometers in 30 hours. Visit to watch the video and see what we’re up against. Oxfam provide a vital role all over the world with thier development work and campaigns for change. Take a look here

To read more about the event please visit the Team Inactive’s found raising page.

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A small donation. Auschwitz needs £120million restoration

Oct 27

After visiting Auschwitz last year Barry, a member of Hanman SPLIT’s engineering team decided to help out and we were happy to help.

Auschwitz needs £120 million if it is to preserved as a haunting yet necessary memorial to the inhumane horrors inflicted on its prisoners.

Hanman SPLiT donated a number of signs to the Auschwitz Museum.

Read the full story on the BBC and Daily Mirror web site.

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