Tourism posters hide empty shops

Hanman SPLiT Ltd. has worked with Marketing Gloucester Ltd. to provide posters covering empty shop windows. The posters have been featured on the BBC website. An extract of the article is below:

Posters showcasing Gloucester’s history are being used to fill the windows of the city’s empty shops.tourism poster

The aim is to cover up the vacant properties while promoting local tourist attractions.

The displays will chart the city’s origins from its days as a Roman fort, up to the development of the jet engine by Sir Frank Whittle in the 1930s.

Gloucester rugby players Ian Balshaw and Antony Allen will appear dressed as Romans in the first poster.

The second photo-shoot for the posters will take place at Blackfriars Priory on Wednesday, with professional models acting out the parts of Dominican monks and nuns.

The third, on 23 March, will depict the Coronation of Henry III in Gloucester Cathedral.

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